Nicola Dixon Memorial in Sutton Coldfield

The Nicola Dixon Memorial was made in 2001 by artist John McKenna. A 17 year old girl murdered on New Years Eve 1996. Unveiled by her parents in 2001 in Sutton Coldfield.

Public Art: Nicola Dixon Memorial

Location: Trinity Hill, Sutton Coldfield

Artist: John McKenna

Material: Painted bronze.

Nicola Dixon was a 17 year old school girl murdered on New Year's Eve 1996. The memorial was unveiled by her parents in 2001 based on one her own pieces of artwork.

Nicola Dixon memorial

Nicola Dixon memorialNicola Dixon memorial in Sutton Coldfield by John McKenna (August 2017). Photography by Elliott Brown


A sunflower sculpture in memory of a 17 year old girl called Nicola Dixon who was murdered in Sutton Coldfield in 1996. The work was based on an artwork that she created at school. It was commissioned by the Nicola Dixon Memorial Fund and sculpted by John McKenna in the year 2000 and unveiled by her parents in 2001.

Designer: Nicola Dixon (1979 - 1996)

Architect: Alan Smith (b. 1956)

Sculptor: John McKenna (b. 1964)

Project dates

04 Oct 2023 - On-going


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