Birmingham Gems - largest collaboration of community showcasing a great city

In the largest collaboration ever attempted of any city's community, we are building a digital showcase of Birmingham. A digital trail of culture, history, architecture and much more.

This is a totally unique collaboration,  It will bring together in one place, the shared passions of people who want to share our great city with people from across the world.

Ideally a video here ********.

We are building this unique digital showcase, passion by passion, working with people across the community, young and not so young, people from across the city and from all all neighbourhoods who really want to share their thoughts and their images on their city.

We'll share this visitors who want to explore our great city.  We'll share this with investors and people keen to be part of the city's future.  And of course, it will always be a great place for people to go for those who live in Birmingham and those who know the city well.

Let's start with Creativity!


Birmingham's parks and open spaces


Birmingham's architecture


Birmingham's public spaces and squares 


Birmingham's amazing street art








Project dates

16 Apr 2020 - On-going


History & heritage, Art; Culture & creativity, People & community
Modern Architecture, Green open spaces, Squares and public spaces


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